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OPEL HOLDEN Barina/Corsa B Grille Badge Black with Chrome

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Our OPEL badges are Genuine Parts from OPEL


They are made to suit your model specifically, without any need

to cut, break or adjust the badge to fit!


Cheap eBay copies are one size fits all, and often require

breaking the badge mounting points to make them fit,

they even say to do this on their auctions!


If the badge is a genuine OPEL part why would you need

to break bits from it to make it fit?


eBay badges are 80mm for all models,

Genuine badges are:

80mm for the Corsa/Barina B front Grille.



We sell the right badge for the right car, why would you put

 a 80mm badge on a car that should have a 55mm badge?


*This badge is for the Front Grille on the Barina/Corsa B (Grille badge 80mm)

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