Steering Wheels

At Car Shine we sell the Highest Quality Steering Wheels for your Mercedes Benz.

Each Steering Wheel is colour matched to your original factory interior in real wood and leather!
Airbag and non airbag models offered, with full functionality including stereo, cruise and shift controls, just like factory!
We use original factory Steering Wheels to create these exclusive Steering Wheels for your Mercedes.

Non-Genuine Mercedes Steering Wheels are being sold overseas, we wish to warn all Mercedes owners of these copy steering wheels.
If the steering wheel being sold is brand new and does not include an exchange/swap over price there is a fair chance it is NOT A GENUINE Mercedes Benz Steering wheel.

At Car Shine we sell GENUINE MERCEDES BENZ Steering wheels for 100% factory compatibility and safety.

for W126 you need to buy airbag module