W210 (95-02)

Mercedes - W210 - Early Late Front Info LATE & EARLY W210 E Class Models
Understanding the Differences
Before purchasing your parts please make sure you know your cars build date
as there are differences between early and late (facelift) W210 models.

Some parts fit both early and late, while others are specific to either revision.

The picture on the left shows both Early and Late W210 fronts, the easiest way to
 find out if yours is late is to reference this image. The mirrors can also be used
 to distinguish the two revisions, with the late models having blinkers in the mirrors.

Early Models were built
1996 to 10/1999
Late models were built
11/1999 to 8/2002


Material: Plastic
Save 22%
$45.00 $35.00
Save 23%
$355.00 $275.00
Save 21%
$95.00 $75.00
Set of 4 Wheel Arches, Pieces: 4
Save 40%
$125.00 $75.00
for W126 you need to buy airbag module, with 33mm spoke
for W210 Sedan Wagon, Pieces: 1
Price is for 1 Wheel, ONLY 1 WHEEL AVAILABLE
Price is for 1 Wheel, ONLY 1 WHEEL AVAILABLE
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