We are Australias Premium Number Plate Cover and Frame suppliers, selling Australia wide with Fast Shipping!

These Covers & Backing Plates are selling out fast! Once sold out they will not be restocked so we encourage all buyers to purchase while they are still available!

Simply measure your license plate length and height, then select the correct cover from the options below.


Easy fitment


These Plate covers and backing plates are for NSW and some SA Premium Slim / Standard License Plates

They are a great fit for Premium Range, Colour on White Range, Traditional Black, Platinum Euro Range, Premium Size Euro Plates, Euro Range, Colours Range, Colour on Black Range, Custom Yellow, Standard Yellow, Tech Range, NRL Range, Australiana Range, Statement Range, High Performance, Animals Range and Art Range of NSW Custom License Plates.

We currently do not have Number Plate cover for International, JDM (Japanese) or USA Style License Plates.

for NSW & SA Premium Plates

for STANDARD Size Plates 372x132-135mm

Backing Plates