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Fiat 500 500C ABARTH
0.9, 1.2, 1.4, 1.3 D Multijet built 10/2007on - 30mm lowering
1.4 Abarth built 09/2009on - 20mm lowering




High Quality Sports Lowering Springs Made in Germany by Eibach

Eibach suspension components are engineered to work in harmony with the driver, chassis and finally the road.
The result is exceptional handling making your vehicle more predictable and responsive.

You will begin to negotiate corners with confidence and hard braking will no longer cause severe nose dive.
The Eibach Pro-Kit is the first choice by enthusiasts when upgrading their vehicle's suspension, improving both the vehicle's performance and appearance. The Pro-Kit provides, quite simply... 'The Look that Performs'.

An Eibach Pro-Kit is the perfect compliment to any vehicle, whether in stock form or fitted with a large tyre and wheel package. The Pro-Kit will set your vehicle off from others, giving it 'The Look' you want.

The Eibach Pro-Kit properly and safely lowers your vehicle's centre of gravity through the use of proprietary progressive spring rates; reducing body roll in the turns, nose dive under braking, and squat during acceleration.

Your vehicle becomes exceptionally stable and secure under a wide range of conditions and will provide years of enhanced driving pleasure whether you are twisting your way through a mountain pass or cruising down the interstate.
Vehicles equipped with performance wheels and tyres also need the additional performance provided by the Eibach Pro-Kit to control the additional body roll caused by increased adhesion.
Getting your vehicle to look and perform just right is not an elusive recipe, in fact it's down right simple; wheels... tyres... and Eibach Springs!
Pro-Kit Springs facts:

  • Lower your car approximately 30mm
  • Can be used with your factory shocks or aftermarket shocks
  • Retain factory ride and comfort
  • Reduce body-roll and squat under braking or acceleration
  • Made in Germany
  • Progressive Coil Design (retain comfort while providing sports handling when needed)
  • Australian stock from Car Shine Pty Ltd
  • Suit Australian models (not US/Japanese models as other sellers shipping from overseas)



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