Remus Sports Exhaust Mufflers - Available for most makes and models

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There are many precision systems but one of the most perfect is the human ear. Experts take it as the most important of our five sense organs, as it processes sound waves and sound pressure and transmits the information to the brain.

REMUS exhaust systems have an unmistakable sound - music to our ears! And not without reason, the REMUS engineers have only one aim, they want to achieve the best possible result within given parameters. To this end they research and develop in measuring laboratories and on test benches and work at CNC controlled production machines. The aim;- precision that can be heard. For a long time already sound design has been very important at REMUS, and also in the choice of materials used to achieve the result.
REMUS makes no compromises, only the highest quality materials like stainless steel, aluminum, carbon and titanium are used. Ultra modern lasers are not only used with computer controlled cutting machines, but also in the 3-dimensional measuring technique of the integrated quality management.
The result is the optimal combination of sound, performance and design. Or more easily expressed - Innovative exhaust systems from the leader in the marketplace. Thus it is easy for REMUS to back all their exhaust systems with a 3 year warranty, without mileage limitation.

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