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Simply more driving pleasure

Modern engines are complicated - the installation of our PowerModule is by no means. Thanks to non-destructive plug-and-play technology and detailed instructions, you don't have to be a car mechanic to install our performance upgrade. In a maximum of an hour everything is done and you don't have to be afraid of breaking something. Nevertheless, our solution is quite complex in detail: The module is connected directly to various sensors in the engine compartment. In this way, its signals can be recorded without detours and passed on to the engine control unit in an "optimized" form.


Excitingly efficient

We have coordinated our PowerModules down to the last detail for your motorization and the respective vehicle model. This enables us to achieve an optimal level of efficiency so that the driver is provided with significantly more power reserves: In normal driving, the design even helps to save fuel despite the increased engine output. The driving pleasure doesn't stop here, even at the petrol station.

App inclusive

Faith alone helps with many performance increases - because their effectiveness can only be guessed at with a lot of feeling when you step on the gas pedal. The effect of the Lorinser PowerModule, however, is quite impressive. In addition to the clearly perceptible development of power, the driver can call up the current status via a customized app. But it gets even better: Different performance modes always give the driver control over the “power pack” from Lorinser installed in the engine compartment. With a warm-up timer, you can also determine when the full power should be available - for example, to cope with different outside temperatures.


No risk! Just fun!

The PowerModules from Sportservice Lorinser are a real dream when it comes to driving fun! However, they do not cause sleepless nights. Every customer receives a two-year guarantee on the product from us. And if you want to switch to another Mercedes? Then just take the module with you. For only € 300 (incl.VAT) we reprogram it so that you can use the additional control unit conveniently in your new vehicle. Further questions? Then please contact us.

Now available for most Mercedes-Benz models, Petrol or Diesel! 

We use your Mercedes VIN number to correctly identify the correct module for your car.
Please click here to send us your VIN and details, we will reply with the correct power figures and pricing. 


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