Lorinser W205 C Class


The C-Class W205

“The best knows no alternative.” – Under this motto Mercedes-Benz presents its new C-Class W205. Lorinser is even going one better and offers an exclusive design for the C-Class. The company, based in the south of Germany, has been developing and manufacturing products for personalising Mercedes vehicles since 1981. In doing so, the innovative Sportservice Lorinser team draws advantage from its experience with just about every Mercedes series. The skills gained form an optimal base for the launch of the exclusive range of modification options for the Mercedes C-Class. The result is impressive, both in terms of looks and sound: lift-reducing aerodynamic components, significantly enhanced performance, stainless steel exhaust systems with a sporty sound, striking 19 and 20-inch alloy wheels and superior interior modifications make for individualised series vehicles.


Bodywork finishes in proven quality

The C-Class celebrates its world premiere this year at the Essen Motor Show. The specialists at Sportservice Lorinser have totally reworked this vehicle to optimize its technology, comfort and prestige. The visual upgrade begins with the bold spoiler bumper with its integrated and specially lowered spoiler lip, transitions into distinctively modified rear spoiler, and culminates in an eyecatching rear apron. Perfection in every detail – typically Lorinser. The C-Class already looks speedy while it’s parked at the stand. A look at Lorinser’s four-pipe large-volume exhaust system suggests that this model will leave all the other cars on the highway in its wake.

Accuratly lowering

Lorinser also offers a glimpse into the future of chassis modification. This specialist developed its own suspension-lowering module for Mercedes models with Airmatic or ABC chassis. This enables the driver to individually modify the vehicle’s height, including automatic correction of headlamp alignment, without adversely affecting the vehicle’s handling or safety. Lower the chassis for a sportier look or raise it for greater ride height when driving over obstacles: Lorinser makes each option accessible at the push of a button. Thanks to Lorinser’s new suspension-lowering module, the “fascination that moves” now moves along the vertical axis, too!