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This Number Plate 'Backing Plate' is used to easily and cleanly fit your Rear Number Plates on to your FIAT.

It features pre-positioned and pre-drilled holes for the FIAT 500, Abarth, Panda and DUCATO Van Vehicles.
These vehicles have a special offset screw position for mounting the number plates, this backing plate accommodates this offset screw design.

This Backing Plate eliminates the need to drill or modify your Number Plates to fit the holes on your FIAT.

This Backing Plate works as follows:

1) Attach Backing Plate to car via screws, no need to drill or modify the Backing plate as it has FIAT Holes already pre-drilled.

2) Attach your Number Plate to the Backing Plate using the 4 pre-drilled screws on all standard or slimline number plates.

This plate is sized to cover the whole number plate area on the FIAT 500, Abarth, Panda and Ducato. It is larger than the actual plates.

STANDARD SIZE and SLIMLINE SIZE 6 DIGIT plates are supported by this BACKING PLATE.

5 or LESS Digit plates are also supported but you would need to drill your own holes in the backing plate.

Price is for 1 Rear Backing Plate

Size - 464mm length, 142mm height

Your web page states "This backing plate is designed to fit
FIAT 500, ABARTH and PANDA specifically!" Well I can assure
you it also fits the Fiat Ducato Van 2007-. I can only speak
for the rear end as my front plate attaches to a bull bar and
the original plate mounting is long gone.

Before buying I studied the web photo and compared the
dimensions with the number plate area on the rear door. I was
very confident it would fit and it did. The only holes I
needed to drill were into the plastic to accommodate my 5-
digit NSW black & white number plate. No holes needed to be
drilled into the van's metal work. The plate mounting looks
great ... thanks.
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